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  • Aristocracy

    One morning, one of Guglielmo Battistoni’s assistants came in all excited waving a letter,  that was just received, carrying a crest. A member of Spain’s high aristocracy was to thank and praise Battistoni for its craft. Guglielmo Battistoni kindly smiled, and invited his collaborator to go back to work with more zeal after such an acknowledgment. This noted,  throughout its history, Battistoni has strived to  meet the highest standards in terms of skills,  quality and style. Such a commitment to excellence – attained by serving both, and equally,  tradition and innovation – could not go unnoticed by the Royal and Aristocratic circles, allowing the House to receive awards and formal endorsements from – among others – His  Majesty Umberto II last king of Italy, His Majesty the Emperor of Persia, His Royal Highness Philipp of Hesse, the Prince d’Arenberg, the Dutch Prince Bernhard, the Royal Court of Sweden. All compliments that, far from flattering the House to some self-indulgence, have always – on the contrary – stirred the Battistoni family and all its collaborators into more dedication to pursue ever increasing standards and more challenging goals.