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    From the very beginnings, several painters cooperated spontaneously to decorate the show and fitting rooms of the historic boutique in Via Condotti, with their pictures, drawings, engravings and ceramics. Afro, Gentilini, Savelli, Fougeron,  Del Fabretto, Scordia, Quaglia,  Cagli, Leoncillo, Leonor Fini, Stan Lepri, Picasso, Modigliani,  Capogrossi, Beppe Guzzi, Cocteau, Matta and many other artists belonging to world celebrity, were all friends to Battistoni and are now well represented in the shop by their typical works. This passion is confirmed by the Guglielmo Battistoni Foundation, created by Gianni and his sister Simonetta, to support  young artists chosen by an international jury; a link with the founder who designed shirts  to pay his way through Rome’s  school of Fine Arts. Guglielmo would eventually prefer his ‘side’ activity and concentrated on being a fashion designer rather than pursuing his artistic vocation: how sound was this decision, time has well told.