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  • Blazer Max

    Blazer Max is a unique and very special garment.

    It is part of the 2019-20 Limited Edition release, cut out of a 100 percent baby cashmere fabric of superior quality, woven and coloured exclusively for Battistoni.
    Great care has been paid to find the perfect equilibrium between the lightness and softness of modern fibres and the robustness needed for the most classical Blazers.

    There are only 50 of these tailored masterpieces in the world, which are numbered sequentially and privately assigned.
    This navy blue, double-breasted, two vents Blazer is proper both for leisure time and more formal occasions. It perfectly embodies the Brand’s relaxed idea of timeless elegance, when grandsons borrow the car and the blazer from their grandfathers’ garage or wardrobe.

    The applied cut is the House’s most classic double-breasted style.
Blazer Max reveals the eponymous Battistoni shoulder, conceived and masterfully realized to be present and absent at the same time, marked yet soft, invisible but running, which exemplifies the Roman tailoring school. Moreover, its cran is never too low and never climbing too high on the chest. In medio stat virtus.
    Thanks to a special construction solution of our skilled tailors, according to its owner’s élan, Blazer Max can be worn either in the traditional buttoned-up way or with an elongated revers’ line, by latching-up the lower button only.
    An evidence of this uniqueness – the Battistoni selvedge of the cloth – discreetly peeks out from the four internal pockets, just as it shows at the bottom of these pages.
    Also, two subtle red cashmere threads run under the sleeve openings and under the vents of Blazer Max to sign your special uniform.
    A special set of gold plated buttons – possibly engraved with your initials – has been purposely created for this coat. Pure gold buttons have also been forged and are available on request.
    As a Battistoni Blazer Max owner, you are also entitled to have:

    – full care and free alterations service for the entire life span of the garment,
- the opportunity to acquire a #__ bis or ter for your loved ones;
    – a priority option in the future release of new series.

    Battistoni is very proud to count you among the members of this exclusive Club of House Friends, along with the other 49 Blazer Max’ owners, also bonded by a specifically designed Battistoni regimental tie and a Bespoke gold pin.

    Blazer Max is already an iconic Battistoni piece.